Congratulations to the following members for their achievements at the 2020 VDRC Year End Awards!

Horse on Course Horsemanship Award: Created and donated by Val Woida in 2012, this award is presented to the rider who displays the utmost care and attention to his/her equine friend, above and beyond sport and personal achievement. 2020 recipient: Holly Keyton

Kim Heinrich Memorial Award for Sportsmanship: Created and donated by Val Woida, in memory of Kim whom did exude in her daily horse events and was especially fond of the VDRC. 2020 recipient: Kate Barry

Volunteer of the Year Award:  In memory of Liza Shippam this award is presented by Liza’s daughter, Kim. 2020 recipient: Charlie McGinty

Volunteer Draw Award: This prize donated was by Keelly Gordon, and was given to the person whose name was pulled from a draw. To get into this draw you must have donated over your 6 hours of volunteer hours. 2020 recipient: Penny Bearss

VDRC 2021 Awards

The following are the annual VDRC awards that will presented to VDRC members at the end of the season.

1) Sportsmanship Award:  Awarded to a rider who demonstrates discipline, fairness, and respect and who handles both victory and defeat with grace and dignity.

2) Rising Star Award:  Nominees should show significant improvement from the previous year.  The improvement will be objectively quantifiable (ie. performance at show(s) and/or clinic(s)). This award is open to all ages.

3) Personal Achievement Award:  Nominees will have shown initiative in reaching their riding goals and will be recognized by their determination, resilience, and commitment.

4) Volunteer of the Year:  This award recognizes the exceptional volunteer achievements of a VDRC member.  This award is created by Kim Shippam in honour of her mother, Liza Shippam.

5) Volunteer Draw:  This draw recognizes members who have done more than the yearly required volunteer hours.  Each name will go into a draw for a gift certificate.

6) Horsemanship Award: Nominees will have a deep understanding of their relationship with their horse, from both a modern theoretical as well as intellectual view point. And to the best of their physical capabilities demonstrates clear and empathetic communication skills with the horse that ultimately result in a progressive development of horse, rider, and the equestrian sport through the past year.” 

7) Barn Rat Bursary:  A free membership will be awarded to a person displaying exceptional enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Applicant’s names to be submitted by instructors and board members. VDRC will grant after the presentation by those submitting. Consideration to those will be made based on contributions to the Club, sportsmanship, and need.  Open to all ages.